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The Best Cat Litter Odor Eliminator on the Market

KittyVent works better than the best cat litter for odor control because it vents the odors out of the house instead of just masking the smell and amplifying it. If you are wondering how to get rid of cat urine smell, you should try KittyVent. Stop wondering how to get rid of cat urine smell. KittyVent is quiet and very effective. It will never disturb your cat. On the contrary, your furry friend will feel very comfortable and you can rest assured your home doesn't smell like a litter box anymore. It’s embarrassing to invite your friends to your home if the litter box odors are out of control. If you are wondering how to get rid of cat pee smell and enjoy the fresh air, just research KittyVent.

This litter box odor eliminator is simple to set up, it even includes a template to cut the hole in the litter box for the extraction hose. This eliminator comes with a very powerful but quiet fan. There is also a custom-made expandable window bracket, power adapter, and accessories to help you fit it. As a perfect air purifier, this machine will surely give you the value of your investment. Cat litter smells are directed out of the cat box through the hose and vent outside keeping the litter tray smelling fresh. Also, note that it is really easy to install so you should not worry about the construction part. Even the best cat litter for odor control is no match to this amazing machine!

There is no need to look for ways of how to get rid of cat pee smell as KittyVent can remove cat urine smell from your home in no time. Just switch your cat litter odor eliminator on, and the smell is gone. This is undoubtedly the best cat litter odor eliminator available on the market.

When you purchase this odor eliminator you will never again feel the nasty cat litter odor. It is really embarrassing and overwhelming, so that's why KittyVent has become so popular among cat owners. If you also want your home to be unconditionally odor-free then order your KittyVent today!



Enjoy the Fresh Air of Your Home with KittyVent

We love our cats but sometimes the litter box smell gets really annoying and out of control. That is why many people today are looking for a solution and wonder how to get rid of cat smell permanently from their home. If you are one of these people who wants to know how to remove cat urine smell then you are in the right place. Thanks to KittyVent, you can enjoy the best litter box smell eliminator and eliminate the litter box smell form your home. Gone are the days when you had to struggle with this problem and be embarrassed inviting guests to your home because the house smells like litter box. Today, with the help of KittyVent is the ultimate litter box smell eliminator. This machine works very quietly and efficiently and never disturbs the comfort of your lovely cat. Just order it and you will see how amazing it is. The marvelous effects will be noticed in seconds and you will never regret buying it.

If you have wondered how to remove cat urine smell from your home, you should order the best litter box smell eliminator Kitty Vent. The installation is quite easy and fast as well. Kitty Vent is easy to operate and performs incredibly well, giving you peace of mind that your home will always stay fresh.

Kitty Vent is the answer to how to get rid of cat smell. Cat litter smells are directed out of the cat box, through the hose and vent outside, keeping the litter tray smelling fresh. This machine acts as an air purifier and thanks to the weatherproof stripping and sash lock, this odor eliminator will fit any sliding window. Order it now and enjoy a healthy clean home environment.  


How to eliminate cat litter box smell?

Cleaning the litter box is not just an essential action to avoid your cat from urinating outside package, however it also assists to keep your home devoid of the undesirable odor. Why? Because most smells typically have a source. In your scenario, it's the stained litter. If you remove it, the smell will stop spreading out. If you do not remove it, all your other efforts to eliminate the smell will stop working. You do not spray antiperspirant over your body when you stink. You clean yourself?

Change your cat's diet to have no smell litter box

The much better the food quality, the less it includes scrap items that are indigestible. And by scrap, we do not suggest items that are usually bad. Even naturally grown wild rice or any other grain is scrap to your cat. If you have a look at a cat's natural diet, you will see definitely no plant products in it.

Dry cat food includes about 10% wetness, which can be a reason for dehydration. In such a case, your cat's body attempts to protect wetness, and in turn, makes the urine more focused. It results in extra litter box smell.

Above are things that one can do if wants to know how to get rid of cat urine smell. They have considerable downsides, however the bright side is that you will not require them if you use the first guidance I offered. Clean package two times daily and enhance your cat's diet to make his stools and urine odor less.

You should bear in mind that first of all a cat's urine consists of ammonia that offers cat urine a pungent odor and for that reason utilizing any substance which contains ammonia to remove the odor will just intensify it and second of all attempting to scrub off a cat urine stain with a cleaning agent will not assist. Cat urine spots persist if you do not use the right approach.

In fact, several techniques work successfully however, most of the cat owners stop working in removing the cat urine smell because they make one typical error. The error is to use the wrong approach in different situations. You cannot use the same technique to get rid of cat smell from a carpet which you used to remove cat urine on upholstery.

What is the process of Cat Urine Smell Removal?

Cat urine smell removal is a challenging job. If you had a cat, you know how challenging removing cat urine smell can be. That ammonia-like aroma is so strong that it appears difficult to remove. Which's not all.

Once the urine dries, the dark amber spots it leaves do not fade quickly. Unless you find the best item and use the ideal litter box odor eliminator, you're stuck to undesirable smells and unpleasant spots for a long period of time. Even worse, your cat may continue urinating in the same spot.

What can you do to remove cat urine smell and spots? And how do you avoid cats from urinating in the same spot over and over once again? Here are 3 strategies you can use to remove the smell. Once you have these down, you'll be all set for the rest.

  1. Prevent utilizing regular home cleaning items such as carpet, surface, and upholstery cleaners. These items may mask the smell of cat urine, however they will not remove it. Your cat will still have the ability to smell the urine, which informs the cat that it's a great spot to urinate.
  2. Keep away from ammonia or ammonia-based items. Have you ever observed that ammonia and cat urine odor incredibly alike? If you try to remove cat urine smell with ammonia, your cat will recognize the aroma and continue urinating in the same spot.
  3. Pick an item that is made particularly for cat litter odor eliminator. This item might be enzymatic, bacteria-based, chemical-based, or a combination of these. Many of them remove spots in addition to smell. Some may not.

Stick to these methods, and you will be one action better to removing that awful cat urine smell. You'll require more info to figure out precisely which item to pick. Now you know that you need to focus on items developed for cat urine.

It's also an excellent concept to follow particular pointers and methods for best odor eliminating cat litter to ensure you remove the urine effectively. It's never an excellent concept to scrub carpet as it will take in the urine deep into its fibers. You must always blot the urine on the carpet rather.

After removing the cat urine smell, you may want to learn different methods which to avoid your cat from urinating beyond the litter box. You may also question why some cats take part in this habits. There's a lot to learn, however you're arriving, beginning with your new knowledge about cat urine smell removal.

A Healthy Cat Household

Owning a cat can be the most fulfilling experience, however, nothing is ever perfect. Providing a healthy, loving, and clean environment can be a daunting task. For example, maintaining an odor-free home and clean litter box may prove to time consuming, costly and frustrating. If you are out of all options and you have no clue how to remove cat urine smell, you can be assured that you have nothing to worry about! When it comes to the best cat litter for odor control, there ‘s a special cat product retailer that eliminates your problem.

When it comes down to best cat litter for smell, KittyVent is there to assist you by eliminating pesky cat litter box odors from your home. Within seconds of installing KittyVent your cat will thank you, as it will have the best cat litter for odor control.

To get the best cat litter for smell, just visit the kittyvent.com.

To purchase the best cat product on the market, purchase KittyVent and rid your home of awful litter box odors. This is product is your long-awaited answer to the question that has been bothering you for so long and straining your relationship with your feline friend– how to remove cat urine smell.

How does it work? It works in the following way after you connect the hose to your hooded cat litter box, then adjust the window bracket, and lastly all you have to do after that is to connect the electrical adapter to a socket in the wall and switch it on. The air in your home will circulate and vent of your cat’s litter box. With KittyVent, you can finally enjoy fresh air in the comfort of your home!

Affordably Caring for Your Cat and Home

If you are an individual struggling with finding the solution toget rid of cat smell and can’t improve the air flow of your home, there is some great news for you!  You can finally stop struggling with KittyVent (an online store that retailsair purifier cat litter) with you and your home in mind. Using KittyVent eliminates the need to clean your cats’ litter box all day long toget rid of cat smell almost immediately. By searching the KittyVent site you’ll find the best litter box odor eliminator at just the click of a button.


By visiting the KittyVent website, you’ll have access to the best litter box odor eliminatoron the market. You’ll notice it is featured in a neutral color, extends to fit any window in length and width, and is equipped with a simple, illustrated, installation manual. The package itself includes an adapter, a fan, an expandable fitting and hose, lock,and bracket to set up your air purifier cat litter. All you need to do is expand the wall bracket to whichever length is suitable for the space in your home, plug the hose into the litter box, and lastly, plug the adapter in to get it working 24/7!The installation process is quite simple and the litter box smell eliminator is extremely efficient by preventing that litter box smell from overwhelming your home.

Kitty Vent: Living Odor-Free

Growing up in the countryside of Lebanon, among the hills, cedar trees, and nature I became predisposed to adore animals, but always from a distance. It wasn’t until I migrated to the United States as a teenager, when I became reacquainted with the companionship of domestic animals. Nala, my girlfriend’s, ten year old, polydactyl, ginger tabby, enamored me with her gracious, independent personality, and alluring nature. Over time, I understood the cat demeanor and decided to adopt my own cat.

Adopting Gatsby from my local Meoowzresq, organization that fosters cats until they are placed in nurturing forever home; was the best decision I’ve made to date. Living with a cat of my own has been a grand adventure, encompassed with love and friendship. For the past five years, Gatsby has become the core of my home and family. His unique personality and mostly low maintenance care has made him the perfect companion for an entrepreneur like myself. Allow me to reiterate, mostly low maintenance.  The only downside of cohabitating with a domestic cat in an urban household is their dreaded litter box. I clean his litter box out every ay to keep it refresh, clean, and free from cat litter smell and even then it’s not enough. For example, when I arrive home from work I am greeted by Gatsby, but also from the overwhelming stench emerging from his litter box.  Mornings were also daunting, it was already brutal waking up to a loud, alarm toppled with the odors of his litter box. I spent money and lots of fruitless time trying to figure out how to get rid of cat pee smellwith no real solution in sight, until I decided to create KittyVent.

To eliminate cat litter smellfrom Gatsby and Nala’s litter boxes, I use my own creation. KittyVent has made coexisting with my cats’ easy as it serves as a litter box smell eliminator. This device, as the name suggests, eliminates the smell of my cats’ litter box immediately, making the living conditions ofmy household bearable and pleasant, as I no longer have to wrinkle up my nose at the heinous smell.  In creating this odor eliminator, I solved my own problem and now seek to help those whom desire to focus on loving their cats’ happily and odor-free.

To purchase this litter box smell eliminator, you can just visit the website at the simple click of a button and you will be redirected to the product when you click the “buy now” link. You will see that the product comes with an adapter and it can be expanded up to six feet! This is an affordable option for you if you wish to never have a problem with cat litter odors.

So, if you have a household cat that is just stinking up the place, and you need an almost immediate solution to this problem, just go to the KittyVent and purchase your own kitty vent litter box today!