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Kitty Vent: Living Odor-Free

Growing up in the countryside of Lebanon, among the hills, cedar trees, and nature I became predisposed to adore animals, but always from a distance. It wasn’t until I migrated to the United States as a teenager, when I became reacquainted with the companionship of domestic animals. Nala, my girlfriend’s, ten year old, polydactyl, ginger tabby, enamored me with her gracious, independent personality, and alluring nature. Over time, I understood the cat demeanor and decided to adopt my own cat.

Adopting Gatsby from my local Meoowzresq, organization that fosters cats until they are placed in nurturing forever home; was the best decision I’ve made to date. Living with a cat of my own has been a grand adventure, encompassed with love and friendship. For the past five years, Gatsby has become the core of my home and family. His unique personality and mostly low maintenance care has made him the perfect companion for an entrepreneur like myself. Allow me to reiterate, mostly low maintenance.  The only downside of cohabitating with a domestic cat in an urban household is their dreaded litter box. I clean his litter box out every ay to keep it refresh, clean, and free from cat litter smell and even then it’s not enough. For example, when I arrive home from work I am greeted by Gatsby, but also from the overwhelming stench emerging from his litter box.  Mornings were also daunting, it was already brutal waking up to a loud, alarm toppled with the odors of his litter box. I spent money and lots of fruitless time trying to figure out how to get rid of cat pee smellwith no real solution in sight, until I decided to create KittyVent.

To eliminate cat litter smellfrom Gatsby and Nala’s litter boxes, I use my own creation. KittyVent has made coexisting with my cats’ easy as it serves as a litter box smell eliminator. This device, as the name suggests, eliminates the smell of my cats’ litter box immediately, making the living conditions ofmy household bearable and pleasant, as I no longer have to wrinkle up my nose at the heinous smell.  In creating this odor eliminator, I solved my own problem and now seek to help those whom desire to focus on loving their cats’ happily and odor-free.

To purchase this litter box smell eliminator, you can just visit the website at the simple click of a button and you will be redirected to the product when you click the “buy now” link. You will see that the product comes with an adapter and it can be expanded up to six feet! This is an affordable option for you if you wish to never have a problem with cat litter odors.

So, if you have a household cat that is just stinking up the place, and you need an almost immediate solution to this problem, just go to the KittyVent and purchase your own kitty vent litter box today!